(a work-in-progress list, with no order)

Daft Punk - for being Daft Punk... there is really no higher compliment... and the amazing "Interstella 5555".

Kenny Dope - for "The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)", "I Wanna Know", and so, so, so much more.

DJ Sneak - for doin' that Chicago Deep/Disco/Jackin' House like he do.

Kraftwerk - for being "first", and being great to this day.

Depeche Mode - for Dave's amazing voice, great songs, and embracing the remix.

Zombie Nation - for making quite possibly the funkiest album on earth a full decade after the 400.

 The Chemical Brothers - for Rockin' the Block non-stop since the Dust days - "Swoon" and "The Boxer" are in my all-time Top 10.

Juan Atkins, Derrick May & Kevin Saunderson - for Detroit Techno.

Underground Resistance (a.k.a. UR), and all the guys it spawned - for Detroit Techno (Wave 2).

Phuture (DJ Pierre, Roy Davis Jr. and etc.) - for Acid House.

Underworld - for brilliance, and (among many others) "Pearls Girl"... quite possibly the best song ever made.

DJ Krush - for being the best at what you do, and for being the first in Japan to do it at all... and "Song 1", maybe the most beautiful song there is.

Ian Pooley - for making amazing music and doing amazing remixes - big shouts to his buddy DJ Tonka too, for all the same reasons.

Josh Wink - for having acid (house) in his heart.

808 State - for doin' it that well, that far back.

The Crystal Method - for "Vegas", having great taste in breaks, and a nice return to form on "Divided by Night".

Pete Rock - for being that damn good, and never selling the soul out of hip-hop.

Photek - for making great d&b forever, and some real cool, and slightly surprising, adventures into other genres.

Tim Baker - for being Chicago House & Detroit Techno at the same time.

Eliot Lipp - for being chill, acid, and moogy - three of my favorite things.

Tom Middleton - for having so much range, over pretty much the entire relevant history of electronic music.

Dave Clarke - for his badass techno & remixes.

Slam - for a bunch of great tracks & remixes over the years, and for Soma.

Ken Ishii - for making music that only he can.

Gui Boratto - for that cool minimal meets tech-house thing.

Jimpster - for Freerange, and the great chill house.

Plump DJs - for the best beats in breaks, and some of the best remixes period.

Julien Jabre - for "Swimming Places"... other things too, but mainly "Swimming Places".

Kagami - for making probably the most energetic (non-trance) music there is... R.I.P. man.

Cassius - for making their 'French touch' house/electro, soul music at the same time.

Funk D'Void - for so many great remixes, including what is probably my favorite - "Misspent Years (Funk D'Void Mix)" by Schatrax.

Basement Jaxx - for the great stuff they did before they went nuts with the poppy guest vocalists on every track... but the early stuff is great.

Krafty Kuts - for "Freakshow" - a fan-fucking-tastic record, highly recommended to anyone that fondly remembers the Jet Set Radio games.

Etienne de Crecy - for that great French electro/house that he do, and having great range into the adjacent sub-genres as well.

VHS or Beta - for "Le Funk" - French disco house greatness in a 6 song EP. 

Todd Terry - for being Todd Terry, and for "Back 2 Basics", my favorite of his tracks.

Deadmau5 - for the stuff he made that was really good before he got big and lost it... and the mousehead. It's cool.

DJ Shadow - for the incredible music he made BEFORE "The Outsider". 

Norman Cook - for being Fatboy Slim and Mighty Dub Katz and Pizzaman.

The Field - for making music that can hypnotize.

Dam-Funk - for "Toeachizown" (album), hot Dam!

Knee Deep - for "Big Love EP" - WOW -  "I'll Never Be the Same" might just be my favorite song of all-time. Oh yeah, one of these guys is also Lovebirds.

Eric B. & Rakim - for "Don't Sweat the Technique", which I have loved every day since '92, and all those other great tracks back in the day.

The Beatles - for being The Beatles.

The Rolling Stones - for being The Stones.

The Who - for Pete Townsend, and for being The Who.

The Foo Fighters - for "Everlong" & "Generator" - and for Dave following a band I loved with another one I love(d) more.

Adam Freeland - for making and championing good music, and for "Fear" (a.k.a. "Mindkiller") from the best videogame of all time:  REZ. 

Bonobo - for "Days To Come" (album) - hell of a record, and instrumentals on Disc 2 for those (like me) who often feel that vocals kill some songs.

DJ Cam - for being France's answer to Krush and Shadow.

Alex Gopher - for having great range, and the great WUZ project.

Richard D. James - for being Aphex Twin (aka AFX), and Polygon Window and...

Hideki Naganuma - for the music in Jet Set Radio and JSRF (and so many other great SEGA games back in the day).

Beck - for despite being very hit or miss (IMO), being maybe the only guy out there that really blends alternative, hip-hop & electronic music together.

Carl Craig - for an absolute ton of great tracks and remixes.

Gang Starr - for Primo's incredible production, and Guru's delivery on all those classic tracks... R.I.P. Guru.

Nujabes - for hip-hop production on the Primo/Krush/Pete Rock/Shadow/Cam level, without the same level of international acclaim... R.I.P. man.

Devo - for "Something For Everybody" - first new record in 20 or so years, and it's pretty damn good - plus, who doesn't love Whip It?

The Juan MacLean - for some great tracks and some great remixes

Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - for some top-tier remixes, both together and as individuals.

Led Zeppelin - for being Led Zeppelin.

Shinichi Osawa - for some of the most truly inspired music around (own "Ami Nu Ku Tuu" & "Rendezvous" at very least)...btw, he's Mondo Grosso too.

Holy Ghost! - for doing disco that even disco haters (probably) can't hate, and some killer remixes.

Calibre - for drum n' bass brilliance, and the ability to venture beyond.

Nu:Tone and Logistics - probably the best brothers in drum & bass.

Trent Reznor - for Nine Inch Nails, and also the quite impressive soundtrack to "The Social Network"

Mr. Scruff - for bringing the jazz - own "Chicken In A Box" and "Chipmunk" people, own them.

Mateo & Matos - for that beautiful funky/jazzy house.

Dave Lee - for being Joey Negro most of all, (and Z Factor, Akabu, Doug Willis, and more), and for the Sunburst Band. Prefer the low vocal stuff.

Kruse & Nuernberg - for "Gone Daft" & "Lovers 'n' Fighters". Wow. Lots of other great deep stuff too.

Ashley Beedle - for all those great tracks and remixes, especially the Black Science Orchestra stuff... I mean, damn.

The Revenge - for the great, long, deep house & disco remixes, edits, and tracks.

Mark Broom - for his album "Acid House", some sweet remixes, and maybe the best beats in techno.

Beastie Boys - for being the Beasties... R.I.P. MCA.

Boys Noize - for some killer remixes & "Out of the Black" (great album).

Jerome Sydenham - for great, driving beats & grooves, from techno to deep house.

Mr. G - for that deep, dark, hot tech/house.

Moodymann - for being the absolute best, but only when he wants to bother to be.

Daniel Avery - for his album "Drone Logic", an unapologetic techno triumph.

Gene Farris - for being a filter disco/house lifer.

David Bowie - R.I.P you mad, brilliant, mand from the stars.

Fouk - for keeping the soul in the house.

Nick Waterhouse - for reminding people that classic sounds are classic for a reason.

New Order - for still killing it 30 years after "Blue Monday" blew the world away.

Tommy James & The Shondells - for many legendary songs, but most of all, "Crimson & Clover", a song too perfect for words.


(always more to come)

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